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Cooling System
Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit
    • Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit
    • Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit
    • Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit
    • Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Parallel Piston Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Zeniya Refrigeration&Air conditioning equipment CO.,Ltd,established in 2005, is concerned on developing high-quality, newly-designed refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Over this years, we have developed all types of Rack as bellow:

Small Rack applies Copeland middle&low temperature flexible Scroll compressor;

Middle Rack applies Bitzer, Kobe Steel semi-hermetic screw compressor;

Large Rack applies Bitzer, Kobe Steel semi-hermetic screw compressor;

Adopt all kinds of latest energy conservation technology, low-temperature enhanced vapor injection technology, hot gas defrosting technology, stepless regulation and Frequency conversion technology and heat recycling technology.

Convenient maintenance:

There are ball valves installed in components of Rack, which brings convenience to inspection of the unit. Some components can be inspected during the running of unit, reducing the probability of broken on equipment, thus give forth to more value for our customers;

All liquid branch tube of Rack are installed on unit intensively and orderly contributes to the convenience for operation and maintenance;

High-efficient energy conservation :

Under the same cooling capacity ,motor power of single unit is higher than common one, therefore, the max.starting current will be 6-7 times higher than rated current, never the less, it put more pressure on capacity of compressor and result in more cost in power distribution investment.

Rack is equipped with multi-head paralleled +unload energy regulation, the optimal energy regulation can be reached according to storage amount of refrigeration room and freezer room, letting evap.pressure reach balance gradually, then the matching of load will be achieved and energy conservation will be got;

Rack is equipped with energy regulation,which not only improved the quality but also reached the perfect cooling efficiency consumption has been reduced as much as possible, giving forth to low cost totally. To sum up, Rack will be more energy-conserved than single unit of 30-50%.

Racks can be matched up with compressor regardless of their dimensions for providing more regulation step number, cooling capacity output will be matched up with actual heat load more smoothly and dynamically;

Rack owns controlling of multi air suction branch tube, one unit can provide different evap. Temperature configuration, which may offer high-efficient cooling source for refrigerator , freezer, ship refrigeration in supermarket;

Accurate temperature:

Rack is controlled by microcomputer, being match up with actual dynamic load and reducing vibration of evap.pressure obviously.

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