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Difference of Marine packaged air conditioner

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A Marine packaged air conditioner is an air conditioner installed on ships and is an important piece of equipment for directly handling air temperature and air humidity. In addition to the refrigeration system, also consider the sea salt fog, oil and gas, humid and even bumpy and another harsh operating environment. In addition to conventional anti-corrosion material design, its stability is also a big consideration, because, in the event of quality problems at sea, the crew will be difficult to adapt.


Land Air Conditioning is air conditioning used on land. These include common household air-conditioners, hidden air conditioning, and industrial air-conditioners in production plants, all of which are land-based. Land air-conditioning because installed on the ground, and the working environment is more stable. Common air conditioning and ordinary domestic air-conditioning work environment are better, industrial air-conditioning for production conditions tailor-made can achieve the desired level.


Marine packaged air conditioner

The working principle of a Marine packaged air conditioner is the same as that of an ordinary refrigeration system, but the selection and design of the main parts and the selection of the accessories should be considered in the Marine packaged air conditioner working environment. Turbulence at sea requires that a Marine packaged air conditioner be designed with a more fluid compressor oil supply and that seawater, high salinity, and high humidity require the air conditioner to be more resistant to corrosion than on land. Need better anti-corrosion spraying materials, and accessories design requirements.


For example, we often air-cooled air-conditioning and water-cooled air-conditioning, in the land we often water-cooled air-conditioning for freshwater, but in the sea cooling water is for seawater. Seawater is highly corrosive and has a high sediment content, so a Marine packaged air conditioner is also an industrial air conditioner and requires a custom design.


In addition to the air-conditioning used by the crew, there are also container air-conditioners used by cargo containers. Some goods have a high demand for temperature, so in the process of transport will use container air conditioning. As is the use of maritime transport, these container air conditioning the use of the process of the same anti-seismic, too corrosive role.


That's the difference between a Marine packaged air conditioner and a land-based air conditioner. If you want more information about Marine packaged air conditioners, stay tuned.

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