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How Marine Water Chiller works

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Marine water chillers, also known as Chillers, chillers, ice water units, cooling equipment, and so on, because the use by a wide range of industries, so the requirements of Marine water chillers are not the same. So how does a Marine water chiller work?


Marine water chiller

A marine water chiller works as a versatile machine that removes liquid vapor through compression or heat-absorbing refrigeration cycle.


The Marine water chiller refrigerant absorbs heat from the coolant in the evaporator and vaporizes into steam, which the compressor continuously pulls out of the evaporator and compresses, the compressed high-temperature, high-pressure steam is sent to the condenser after the cooling medium (such as water, air, etc.) exothermic condensation into a high-pressure liquid.


In the throttling mechanism after the pressure drop into the evaporator, again vaporized, and absorbed by the heat of the cooled object, so the cycle began again and again. When heating, refrigerant through the four-way valve changes the direction of refrigerant flow, refrigerant flow direction, and refrigeration are just the opposite, refrigerant first through the evaporator, then back to the condenser, and finally back to the compressor.


There are air-cooled Marine water chillers and water-cooled Marine water chillers in the refrigeration industry. According to the compressor, there are screw-type Marine water chillers, scroll-type Marine water chillers, and centrifugal-type Marine water chillers.


The temperature control is divided into low-temperature industrial chillers and normal temperature chillers, normal temperature unit temperature is generally controlled in the 0-35 degrees range. Low-temperature unit temperature control is generally 0 degrees to -100 degrees.


That's how a Marine water chiller works. I hope I can help you, but if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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