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Precooling Unit for Fruits and Vegetables
High-humidity Differential-pressure Precooling Unit
    • High-humidity Differential-pressure Precooling Unit
    • High-humidity Differential-pressure Precooling Unit

The unit adopts high humidity preservation technology, which can keep the temperature and humidity within the range set by user in normal operating hours. Before the fruits and vegetables are put in storage, the unit store the cool energy of evaporator in the water by water circulation, so as to maintain relatively constant temperature of storage when pre-cooling; then use the fan to drive air cycle; the air saturated with water will keep the humidity of storage within the range of pre-cooling; 2~4KPa differential pressure makes the air flow fast so as to cool the fruits and vegetables in the storage to appropriate preservation temperature in short time.

Features of the High Humidity Differential Pressure Pre-cooling Preservation unit

* May supply about 0℃ and 90 percent above humidity in the storage. The shrinkage losses of fruits and vegetables is very small during pre-cooling;

* Defrosting unit is not necessary during pre-cooling operation;

* Distributing air under differential pressure ensure that the temperature drops in short time so as to pre-cool the fruits and vegetables rapidly; 

* The unit has good-looking appearance, sealability, high strength and corrosion resistance;

* Adopt axial fan, protection degree of motor IP54, pulse operation, energy efficient;

* Unique humidifying system makes the temperature can be adjusted according to user's requirement, and has stable and reliable performance;

* Widely suitable for pre-cooling treatment of all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers in great batch.

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