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Precooling Unit for Fruits and Vegetables
Movable Precooling Unit
    • Movable Precooling Unit

Movable Precooling Unit

On the analysis basis of Chinese cold chain development of fresh and alive agricultural products, combining with "Village Butt Joint With Community" that conforms to Chinese condition, the research contents and direction of safe, low carbon logistics and preservation equipment for Chinese agricultural products will be introduced in terms of movable pre-cooling unit, preservation transport cart and all natural industry cart refrigeration system.

Cold room panel thickness and temperature


 Suitable temperature


5°C or above


-5°C or above


-28°C or above


-35°C or above


-45°C or above

Note :The temperature can be designed by what you want .The temperature and room size can be customized

The large and medium-sized cold room selects and puchase:

1.Cooling room: To be used after entering the storehouse to refrigerate or must first to pass through the precooling freezes to normal temperature food, carries on cooling or the precooling. The processing cycle is generally 12-24 hours ,after the product precooling the temperature generally to 4°C.

2.Freezing room:To be used for food which needs to freeze to -15~-18 °C from normal temperature or cooled conditions.Usually suitable for fish, chicken, beef and so on.

3.Chilled food storage room: Also called high temperature cold room, mainly used in storing foods and so on fresh eggs. Fruit and vegetable, cold room temperature 2-5 °C .

4.Frozen food storage room:Also called low temperature cold room, mainly used to store the food after freezing process, like frozen meat, frozen fruits and vegetables ,frozen fish and so on. Cold room temperature -15~-18°C .

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