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Composition and working principle of marine HVAC-R

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A complete and independent marine HVAC-R can be basically divided into three major parts: heat and cold sources and air treatment equipment, air and hot and cold water distribution systems, and indoor terminal devices.


 marine HVAC-R

The Marine HVAC-R works in the following steps:

The first is the air comes in, in addition to the introduction of fresh air, the air can be cooling treatment and then carried out filtering treatment, filtering treatment, you can catch very small particles of dust.


It typically traps a micron of dust, and most of that dust is bacteria, viruses, soot, or odors that can be filtered out.


Another addition is a humidifier, which creates a relative humidity of around 40% of a room's humidity.



The application comfort of marine HVAC-R mainly depends on wind speed, humidity, air humidity, environmental average radiation temperature, and people's sense of the environment.


In winter, if we choose traditional air-conditioning to increase the indoor temperature, the air humidity needed is higher, and the heat loss of fresh air heating and maintenance of the structure is relatively large; If the application of a new hot and humid environment, increase the heat radiation can significantly reduce air humidity, it is clear that the new air-conditioning operation more objective energy-saving effect.


In the same way, the use of air conditioning systems in the summer will be the same effect.


These are marine HVAC-R composition and working principle, hope to help you better understand our products. Zeniya is a professional marine HVAC-R manufacturer, and has a wealth of manufacturing experience, if you have any questions can contact us.

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