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What are the functions of Marine HVAC units?

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With the development of the shipbuilding and shipping industry, the design of Marine HVAC units is very important. From the point of view of humanization, people pay more and more attention to the working and living conditions of people on board. Therefore, in the process of ship design, whether the normal work of personnel or machinery and equipment needs to consider reasonable ventilation.


Marine HVAC units

The engine room power device normally works, first needs to consume a certain amount of fresh air, for the combustion of power machinery, and second takes away the machine and equipment operation, the heat generated by the combustion. The ventilation of the engine room is used to establish the given environmental conditions in the engine room, such as the required temperature, humidity, air flow rate, cleanliness, and air composition, etc., to ensure the necessary amount of air for combustion of diesel engine, boiler, and incinerator, as well as to ensure a good working environment and improve the working and sanitary conditions of marine engineers.


Marine HVAC units are important equipment, which can deal with air temperature and air humidity directly. The Plant has features of the new design, easy operation, stable-working, safety, convenient-maintaining, etc. It is widely used for all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, oil platforms, etc.


Marine HVAC units are centralized air conditioning units, there will be two, when climate conditions change, do not require a constant indoor temperature, as long as the 6-10 degrees temperature difference can be maintained.


The Marine HVAC units produce air-conditioning that is piped to each room. In each room, a switch is installed to control the air-conditioning outlet, which the crew can adjust as appropriate. Generally in the toilet, Ward, and public activity room, there will be a vent, and in the crew's bedroom, there is no vent.


Sometimes, in order to save energy in Marine HVAC units, a higher return air ratio, i.e. more return air and less fresh air, is used to meet fresh air requirements.


This is the introduction and role of Marine HVAC units, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about the content, you can continue to pay attention to us.

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