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Characteristics of marine fan

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The marine fan has the advantages of high efficiency, significant flow rate, lightweight, and small volume, so in large-scale petroleum refining enterprises, the air volume needed for coke burning of FCCU regenerator is large and the pressure is not the high mostly axial compressor.


However, the axial compressor also has some disadvantages, such as a narrow stable working range, sensitivity to impurities in the working medium, and easy wear of the blades. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the axial compressor, configure a high-precision air filter to meet the unit requirements for compressed gas.


marine fan

The marine fan also has the following features:


1. The effect of temperature and humidity on the flow rate of marine fan inlet air is in accordance with the gas state equation. In actual production, its change value can also be compared and verified by reference to the unit surge line calibration data.


2. Because marine fan mainly depends on the compressor cascade to improve the gas pressure, the airflow incidence is very sensitive to the performance of the cascade. In practical application, the airflow angle is usually changed by changing the angle of the stator cascade (that is, the angle of the stator blade), so that the airflow rate of the unit is changed to adjust the airflow rate, to meet the process requirements in the premise of reducing power consumption.


3. The blade type of marine fan determines the stage pressure ratio and efficiency of the cascade and determines the performance of the fan. At present, most of the moving and static blades of the marine fan are designed for three-dimensional flow, and the efficiency of the whole machine is high. But because of the high precision, if the external interference causes blade damage or the blade scaling that the blade shape has changed, then the compressor's compression ratio and efficiency will decline, in addition, the fouling of the blade will narrow the operating range of marine fan, and in extreme cases, it will affect the dynamic balance of the shafting and cause the shutdown accident.


These are the characteristics of the marine fan, hope to give you help, if you have other questions or needs, feel free to contact us.

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