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MGO Cooling System
MGO Cooling System
    • MGO Cooling System
    • MGO Cooling System
    • MGO Cooling System

MGO Cooling System

Unit description

Operation Principle:

Zeniya’s MGO cooling system is designed by the cooling principal, it can cool the fuel temperature down to 17℃ and increase the viscosity to above 2cST, in this case, it can meet the requirements of marine diesel engine and fuel supply system. 

It’s installed before the water circulating pump, the advantage of this solution is that the viscosity regulation may be optimized for both engine and circulating pump.


The MGO cooling system consists:

•Chiller unit (including compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and relative control elements). 

•Chilled water circulation pump (including cooling medium pump, expansion tank, auto watering valve, safety valve, water filter and valves). 

•Expansion tank and MGO coolers (including electric three-way control valve, water-oil plate exchanger, temperature sensor, relative valves and gauges).


Zeniya’s MGO cooling system has the advantages of novel design and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in various types of passenger ships, cargo ships and petroleum platforms. Equipment design, production and delivery are in accordance with the norms of classification societies (such as CCS, ABS, DNV, etc.), and we also provide customized service.

•Fuel temperature is precisely controlled by PLC. 

•MGO cooling system can be operated under the low-capacity condition, 0-100% modulating control. 

•MGO cooling system is no leakage. 

•The aim of installing the unit is not only the new building ships, but also the existing ships. Our units are so designed as to minimize the foot print to be installed at the limited machinery space.

•For the condenser, it is possible to choose either fresh water cool or seawater cool type.


1.Very easy and reliable operation

•Utilizing electronic expansion valve system for the chiller unit, the outlet water temperature is very precisely controlled, and at the same time, superheating is controlled fully automatically, thus a very secured and reliable operation to be accomplished.

•The compressor’s capacity control to be carried out step‐wise according to the suction pressure and full automatic controlled EPR is installed on the suction line to maintain the system running at very low heat load. And with a combination of automatic controlled three way control valve installed on the outlet of MGO cooler, the MGO temperature to be finally controlled fully automatically and very accurately.

To avoid heat contraction to main engine, generator engines and MGO piping, the cooling speed of MGO can be freely adjusted and controlled fully automatically. 

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