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Oil Separator
Oil Separator
    • Oil Separator
    • Oil Separator
    • Oil Separator
    • Oil Separator

Oil Separator

Oil separator, the role of the refrigerant compressor discharge high-pressure steam in the separation of lubricating oil to ensure safe and efficient operation of the device. According to the principle of reducing the velocity of air flow and changing the direction of gas flow, the oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated by gravity. General air velocity of 1m / s or less, can be included in the steam diameter of 0.2mm above the oil particles separated. Commonly used oil separator with washing, centrifugal, packing and filter four.

Oil separator simple working principle: the compressor out of the high-pressure gas (gaseous refrigerant and lubricants), into the oil separator, into the oil separator guide leaf, spiral along the guide leaf flow, relying on centrifugal force and gravity, the lubricating oil from the working gas separation, along the inner wall of the cylinder down. Working fluid gas from the center of the tube through the porous baffle from the oil separator. The separated lubricating oil is concentrated in the lower part of the oil separator, and can be periodically discharged, or the float valve is used to automatically return the lubricating oil to the crankcase of the compressor. Centrifugal flow channel within the recommended flow: ammonia 10-25m / s, freon 20-20m / s.

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