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Shell and Tube Condenser
Sea Water Cooled Shell and Tube Condenser
    • Sea Water Cooled Shell and Tube Condenser

Sea Water Cooled Shell and Tube Condenser

It's the evaporator that the cold water flows in the tube and the refrigerant evaporates in the shell. It's one of the main styles of refrigerating unit that cool the secondary refrigerant. It commonly adopt horizontal type, which has the characteristic of effective heat transfer, compact structure, small occupied area and easy installation etc.

Features :

1) simple structure , convenient cleaning 

2) high heat transferring efficiency . 

3) strong adaptability 


Material :

Tube : copper , 

Shell : carbon steel , stainless steel 

Tube sheet: stainless steel

Typical applications 

1.Process liquid or gas cooling

2.Process or refrigerant vapor or steam condensing

3.Process liquid, steam or refrigerant evaporation

4.Process heat removal and preheating of feed water

5.Thermal energy conservation efforts, heat recovery

6.Compressor, turbine and engine cooling, oil and jacket water 

7.Hydraulic and lube oil cooling


1.Less expensive as compared to other type coolers.

2.Can be used in systems with a wide range operating temperatures and pressures.

3.Pressure drop across a shell and tube heat exchangers is less.

4.Tube leaks are easily located and plugged since pressure test is comparatively easy.

5.Tubular coolers in refrigeration system can act as receiver also.

6.Using sacrificial anodes protects the whole cooling system against corrosion.

7.Extended heat transfer surfaces (fins) can be used to enhance heat transfer.

8.Cleaning and repair are relatively straightforward, because the equipment can be dismantled for this purpose

9.The heat exchanger has two type including horizontal and vertical styles, so it can be installed in different locations conveniently.

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