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Air Handling Unit
Direct Air Handling Unit
    • Direct Air Handling Unit
    • Direct Air Handling Unit
    • Direct Air Handling Unit

Direct Air Handling Unit

ZAHU series packaged AC unit is such a kind of device used for handling of air temperature,air humidity in marine AC system,it has 18 essential types and consists of the following sections: mixed section,filter section,heating coil section,humidification section,fan section,silencer section and so on, owning the characters as newly design,convenient operation,steady running,safety and reliability,convenient maintenance etc. It is also adopted in all kinds of passenger ship,cargo ship,nasal vessel and marine oil platform and so on.

1) Structural Features

. Modulization design

Components has universal use and can be exchanged conveniently

. Double-layer galvanized plate structure,polyurethane foam temperature  protection

. 50mm foam plate owns low weight,good rigidity and low heat conductivity coefficient

. New sealed materials contribute to minimize leakage air volume

. Coil drain valve

  The lowest part of coil is equipped with drain valve used for draining water Inside tube, providing that frost crack happen in tube.

. Unit base

  The base is applying stitching base,thus it owns charming outline,which also guaranteed strength of the unit.

2) Performance characters

. It applies newly designed backward double-air-inlet centrifugal fan, owning the features of low noise,high efficiency. Fan impeller,belt will be adjusted by static and dynamic balance,while the whole fan will be regulated by running vibration again to reach steady condition.  

Fan motor is fitted with vibration damper in common base,air outlet will be connected  to box by flexible tube and insulated from running components totally, which resulting in low vibration.

. Coil adopts second-used corrugated fin and connected to copper tube by mechanical tube expanding method,which bring forth to good heating transferring efficiency.

Coil collector is equipped with vent valve and water drain valve,guaranteed that there will be no accumulated air in circulation,meanwhile,water in coil can be drained totally in winter for avoiding frost crack.

Water defector will be equipped in the back of coil,when face velocity is higher than 2.5m/s.

. Primary filter is plate type,whose efficiency presents as G3~G4 grade.

Middle efficient filter is bag type with efficiency of F5~F8 grade.

3) Simple maintenance

. Unit is equipped with inspection door with special design,which result in easily opening for inspection maintenance.

4) Intelligent control

. ZAHU packaged AC series can added the following function (purchased additionally) according to customer's requirement

1. Accurate temperature and humidity can be reached through installation of all kinds of sensors and PLC controlling of electric air door actuator,electrical valve and so on.

2. By way of installing frequency converter device, the air flow change running can be fully achieved, finally reaching energy conservation effect.


Unit model and dimension calculation formula

(1) Width=width modulus x 100 +50

(2) Height=height modulus x 100 +50


12  width modulus  width:12 X 100 + 50 = 1250mm

09  height modulus   height:9 X 100 + 50 = 950mm

Note:Unit height is except for base in 150mm and dimension of top air inlet

Direct Air Handling Unit

ZAHU Marine Direct AC Unit Dimension Diagram

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