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Marine Ventilation System
Axial Fan
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Axial Fan

1.Axial Fan Destination

Marine axial-flow fans are destined for operation in ventilation systems of seagoing ships with unrestricted cruising area as well as offshore objects. They may be used as exhaust or supply fans and be installed inside the compartments or on weather decks.

2.Axial Fan Construction

- housing: steel pipe ended with drilled flanges, welded. On the housing a terminal box with cable gland for supply connection cable is mounted.

Housing of fan is provided with air-guide, to which electric motor-impeller set is screwed. 

Fans are provided with hinged door to which the air guide with motor-impeller set is fastened. Fans in explosion-proof execution are fitted with brass lining on inner surface of housing in way of impeller.

- air guide: made of steel sheet, welded, straightens the air flow and is also the supporting bracket of electric motor. 

- impeller: made of aluminium alloys sea-water resistant. Impeller blades screwed to the hub, impeller dynamically balanced. 

- electric motor: induction, squirrel-cage, three-phase, in marine execution, suitable for 50 or 60 Hz electric installation. 

All the motors are of high-efficiency IE2 class "GREEN responsibility".

3.Axial Fan Surface treatment

Standard treatment - hot-dip galvanized.

On request fans may be painted with marine paints set agreed with the buyer.

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