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Marine Water Chiller
Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit
    • Screw Type Chiller Unit

Screw Type Chiller Unit

Marine Sea Water r Cooled Semi-hermetic Screw Type Chiller is mainly made up of semi-hermetic screw compressor, sea water cooled condenser, dry type evaporator and expansion valve. The cooling compressor is world famous brand. Key controlling parts are world famous brand. Its design and manufacture are according to standard requirements of ship class, the condenser adopt corrosion proof aluminum copper tube, B10/B30 copper nickel tube efficient heat exchanging tube; and adopt special constructure that can prevent cutoff resulted by ship swaying. We can design and make product of special specification according to user's requirements.

ZMLC Series Chilling Unit is a kind of AC,refrigerating productions who uses liquid as its refrigerant,owning the characteristics of high-efficiency,energy-saving,safety,friendly environmentally,compact construction,low noise and so on.

Zeniya refrigeration AC possesses the professional software,newly design,mature technique,completed crafts,advanced inspecting equipment and is fitted with main refrigeration unit and spare parts from international brands, which guaranteed stability and high efficient running condition;

ZMLC Chilling Unit Series owns the following aspects:

1.air cooling and water cooling;

2.high,middle,low temperature;

3.marine use and land use;

marine use consists of all kinds of passenger ship,cargo ship,naval vessel and oil platform, land use can provide cooling water for central AC system in hotel,shopping mall,hospital, sports  stadium,mineral enterprises and chilling water for textile industry,chemical industry,food industry,medical industry,electronic industry,scientific research industry and so on.

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