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How to select a right type of ice machine based on different purpose?

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Many customers are buying ice machines for the first time, they don’t know which type is the most suitable ice machine. If you chose the wrong type, the cost would be much greater.

Here we give you some normal method to help you get the right type of ice machine:

1.The initial ice consumption 

It is usually calculated at 100 kilograms per square meter, for example, the initial ice consumption of 2 meters long and 1 meter wide ice platform is 200 kilograms.

2.chose the suitable type

After we get the quantity of expendable ice, we can chose the suitable type easily, but if the area you mount the ice machine has peak-valley price, we commend to chose a large type, such as 2T, you can produce ice only during the night, take ice from the ice bank during the day. Initial investment increases short term and can be withdrawn

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