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Installation of Block Ice Machine

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Preparation Work

1. After the machine arrive installation site, check the components against packing list.

2. Please review all the installation processes before installation.

3. If made concrete foundation, please check whether it’s conform with our CAD drawings.

Installation Process

1. The refrigeration unit should be installed close to the brine pool; if install in outdoors, should prepare concrete foundation and water-proof measures.

2. The brine pool should be installed on horizontal concrete floor, and left one meter for each side, or half meter at least.

3. The melting tank should be close to the outlet side of brine pool.

4. The ice dumping device should be installed in the outlet side, about 500~800mm far from melting tank, need to confirm the alignment before installation.

5. The installation of water filler, firstly set up the frame, use the lifting crane to lift a row of ice cans, to test the water filler and confirm the installation site.

6. The installation of cooling tower and cooling tower pump should be referred to the related installation introduction. Please note the height of the cooling water pump should be low than the bottom water level of cooling tower, or the water pump can’t work.

Operation Introduction:

1. Firstly open the waste outlet of bottom basin, swash the inlet, outlet, basin, to avoid the waste blocks the pipes.

2. Check the connection screws whether was fixed, stir the air fan, to see whether the fan is flexible.

3. The fan blade should has uniform gap with air duct, the angles should be consistent, to avoid the occurrence of shock cooling tower operation.

4. Look down from the fan duct during the operation, the fan should rotate clockwise. After the fan is operating normally, the need to check the motor current, voltage, is within the normal range, if unusual, should be timely adjusted.

5. After the fan is operating normally, open the inlet valve, meanwhile, pay attention to adjust the position of the water, to ensure compliance with circulating cooling water flow requirements.

6. The circulating pump should be located below the suction part of the cooling tower basin water position.

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