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Fresh Fish Ice Preservation

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Fish after captured, if are not fed in water, will die in a short time. And if the weather is hot, the fish will degenerate in a few hours. So fishing boats which is for sea fishing, will carry a lot of ice, and some ocean fishing ships, even install ice machines and cold storage on board, in order to preserve valuable fish in time.

Here, I will list the types of ice suitable for fresh fish preservation, as well as the characteristics of the ice.

Fish stores in the market will generally buy a certain amount of ice blocks, and then crush by themselves. Crushed ice and fish mixed in the foam box, they can achieve the same effect of the refrigerator. The advantage of using ice blocks is that the price is low, and the ice plant will regularly provide ice for the market, and some ice plant will provide crushed ice directly. The disadvantage is that the ice from the ice block to get the ice, the ice is very hard and sharp. It is easy to destroy the surface of the fish.

Another kind of ice used for fresh fish is flake ice, often used for some of the more valuable fish preservation.

Flake ice has regular shape, and it is more soft, will not damage the surface of fish, coupled with the relative contact area, a higher freezing efficiency. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and because the surface area is large, the ice is easier to melt, always pay attention to add ice.

Zeronice has been focusing on producing high quality ice machines and providing excellent service for our customers.

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