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Our advantages are lower prices,dynamic sales team,specialized QC,strong factories,high quality products and services for OEM Factory for Axial Fan Wholesale to Myanmar, We encourage you to make contact as we are looking for partners in our venture. We are sure you will find doing business with us not only fruitful but also profitable. We are ready to serve you with what you require.

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    1. Aerial shot of oil tanker Abqaiq docked at offshore oil terminal
    2. Wide shot of tanker at dock
    3. Patrol vessel moving past oil terminal
    4. Various of US soldiers on patrol vessel
    5. Set up shots for Captain Boorda
    12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Captain Boorda, USS Chosin
    “Our mission up here in the North Arabian Gulf is protection, presence, and security of shipping up here whether it is local fishermen and or large tankers of different types. One of the things that this are reminds me of is the interdependence of all nations on the sea and the importance and the safety of those who want to continue to operate on the high seas and within their territorial waters so I think it is very refreshing to be able to be part of the coalition of boats to maintain the sanctity of the seas.”
    13. Helicopter flying over shipping
    14. Various shots of helicopter landing on aircraft carrier
    15. Set up shots of pilot Suzanne Harker
    16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Suzanne Harker, Helicopter pilot
    “I am one of the pilots with HSL 37 Detachment 6 on the board the USS Chosin. We are currently in the norther n arabian golf conducting maritime intersect operations in support of the reestablishment of commercial shipping in and out of Iraq. As a pilot, our job is to provide a number of surveillance picture so the commanders down on the ship so they can have a better picture of what is going on.”
    17. Cutaway of vessels moving on shipping lane
    18. Various shots on board the USS Chosin
    19. Set up shots of Captain Mark Kellam
    20. SOUNDBITE: (English) Captain Mark Kellam, Australia, multi-national interception force commander
    “Our mission up here is to make sure that the traffic flows in and out of the major Iraqi ports of Um Qasar are clear and safe and the traffic flows in properly and that nothing illegal moves in and out of the country. We are also responsible for the territorial waters of Iraq and making sure that security is maintained there. Over the last three months we have taken this area from a state of probably something best described as near anarchy to today where we are finally loading oil at the offshore oil terminal for the first time in five months and that oil is destined to provide income for Iraq.”
    21. Various of US maritime patrol
    22. Sea to air missile
    23. Wide of vessels at sea.
    The first commercial oil tanker to receive Iraqi oil for export, outside of the United Nations Oil-For-Food programme since 1991, docked at the Mina Al Bakr offshore oil terminal Tuesday.
    Shipping to and from the terminal is now under the protection of a maritime security operation led by US and coalition naval vessels.
    The terminal is located in the North Arabian Gulf, outside the Khor Abd Allah waterway.
    The supertanker Abqaiq docked at the offshore terminal to load an estimated two (m) million barrels of crude oil from a platform that is connected to Iraq via an underwater piping system.
    The USS Chosin and an Aegis guided-missile cruiser are leading the security operations to escort tankers to and from the terminal.
    A so-called Multi-national Interception Force (MIF) is also taking part to secure the perimeter of the Mina Al Bakr Oil Terminal (MABOT).
    The MIF, which consists of US Navy and Coast Guard forces and naval forces from Australia and Poland, will remain in the North Arabian Gulf until an Iraqi coast guard can be established.
    Under the UN Security Council Resolution 1483, and in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the MIF is also instructed to pre-empt any illegal trade in and out of Iraq.

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