About Us

Technological development at Zeniya is not merely a reaction to the demands of customers – it actually raises the level of our customers’ expectations. Further development and enhancement of HVAC systems to boost efficiency and meet new challenges is the philosophy behind our technological advance.
In tropical conditions it means cooling the air and getting rid of hundreds of tons of water from humidity per day – or else the on board climate will be clammy and unpleasant. Consequently in Zeniya we believe in “Getting Thing Right the First Time”.
Zeniya is a specialist in all areas of Shipboard Climate Control, Air Handing and Distribution, Active Noise Control and Automation. Our experience spans the entire spectrum of Cruise Liners, Ferries, Cargo Vessels, Tankers, Warships, Yachts, and also Gas and Oil rigs. Our promise is invariable. All of our expertise are always focused on producing the best possible system for ensuring a clean, safe, economical, hygienic and comfortable environment on board the ship.
Zeniya has its own Design, Engineering, Commissioning and world-wide After-Sales Support units to ensure the best possible performance of our systems at all times and assure our customers of complete peace of mind while out at sea.
Zeniya has developed, supplied and supported the Marine industry with cutting edge HVAC technology and customer support for many years. Our strong technical research and design team have various experience, knowledge and competence in the marine and offshore field that can met various customer needs expectation.

Today, we are renowned for sound and innovative design solutions and our ability to carry out complex and time critical assignments. The company with its main office of operations in Nordic Europe, are backed by over 50 highly skilled employees-including service engineers stationed at around Europe, Asia and America.

Our ability to work with you as a partner is built on the following:
1.Cruise and ferry experience – extensive experience in providing solutions designed specifically for cruise vessels and ferries
2.Compliant and efficient solutions – ensuring regulatory compliance
3.Life cycle services – we design, install, commission and maintain our solutions through every phase of your vessel’s life cycle
4.Local support worldwide – consumables, spares, maintenance and support available through our global network
5.Putting passengers first – our solutions are always designed to put the passengers safety and comfort first.

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